Kingdom Plantae  植物界
 Phylum Bryophyta  苔類植物門
 Class Sphagnopsida  泥炭苔綱
 Order Sphagnales  泥炭苔目
 Family Sphagnaceae  泥炭苔科
 Genus Sphagnum  泥炭苔屬
  Sphagnum cuspidatulm C. Muell., 1874 擬狹葉泥炭苔
名錄提供: 蔣鎮宇   Ling-Ya Hung 2009-09-18修訂, 姚奎宇2018-04-09增中文名 修訂紀錄
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同種異名:Sphagnum acutumSphagnum cuspidatulum fibrosumSphagnum cuspidatulum fuscescensSphagnum feaeSphagnum malaccenseSphagnum rufulum  異名明細
Born, S., J.-P. Frahm & T. Pócs 1993. Taxonomic results of the BRYOTROP Expedition to Zaire and Rwanda. 26. A new checklist of the mosses of Central Africa. Trop. Bryol. 8: 223–273.
Crosby, M. R. & others - REVISED 1999. REVISED: accepted in a monograph, revision, or descriptive flora since 1963.
Eddy, A. 1977. Sphagnales of tropical Asia. Bull. Brit. Mus.(Nat. Hist.), Bot. 5: 359–445 + pl. 37–40.
Gao Chien(editor) 1994. Fl. Bryophyt. Sin. 1. Sphagnales, Andreaeales, Archidiales, Dicranales. 368 pp.
物種編號: 201082
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