Kingdom Animalia  動物界
 Phylum Arthropoda  節肢動物門
 Class Malacostraca  軟甲綱
 Order Decapoda  十足目
 Family Porcellanidae  瓷蟹科
 Genus Petrolisthes  岩瓷蟹屬
  Petrolisthes hastatus Stimpson, 1858 矛形岩瓷蟹
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同種異名:Petrolisthes tenkateiPorcellana inermis  異名明細
Stimpson, W. 1858. Prodromus descriptionis animalium evertebratorum, quae in expeditione ad oceanum pacificum septentrionalem, a republica federata missa, Cadwaladaro Ringgold et Johanne Rodgers ducibus, observavit et descripsit. Pars VII. Crustacea Anomura. Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, 10: 225–252.
Stimpson, W. 1907. Report on the Crustacea(Brachyura and Anomura) collected by the North Pacific Exploring Expedition, 1853–1856. Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections, 49: 1–240, pls. 1–26.
Maki, M. & Tsuchiya, H. 1923. A Monograph of the Decapod Crustaceans from Formosa. Report of the Department of Agriculture, Government Research Institute of Taihoku, 3: i–xi, 1–215. [In Japanese].
Miyake, S. 1943. Studies on the crab-shaped Anomura of Nippon and adjacent waters. Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Kyushu Imperial University, 7: 49–158.
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