Kingdom Plantae  
 Phylum Bryophyta  
 Class Bryopsida  
 Order Bryales  
 Family Mniaceae  
 Genus Orthomnion  
  Orthomnion loheri  Broth., 1905 
Provider: Chiang, Tzen-Yuh 
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Crosby, M. R. & others - REVISED 1999. REVISED: accepted in a monograph, revision, or descriptive flora since 1963.
Eddy, A. 1996. Splachnobryaceae to Leptostomataceae. Handb. Males. Mosses 3. [iv] + 277 pp.
Iwatsuki, Z. 1991. Cat. Mosses Japan 182 pp.
Koponen, T. 1980. A synopsis of Mniaceae(Bryophyta). II. Orthomnion. Ann. Bot. Fenn. 17: 35–55.
Name Code: 200108
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