Kingdom Plantae  
 Phylum Bryophyta  
 Class Bryopsida  
 Order Bryales  
 Family Racopilaceae  
 Genus Racopilum  
  Racopilum spectabile  Reinw. & Hornsch., 1829 
Provider: Chiang, Tzen-Yuh 
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Synonyms:Hypnum moritziiRacopilum caudatumRacopilum johannis-winkleriRacopilum loriaeRacopilum nova-guinenseRacopilum spectabile subisophyllum  details
Akiyama, H. & B. O. van Zanten 1999. Racopilum niutensis, a new species from Kalimantan Barat(Indonesian Borneo) and notes on Bornean species of Racopilaceae(Bryopsida). Bryobrothera 5: 17–21.
Crosby, M. R. & others - REVISED 1999. REVISED: accepted in a monograph, revision, or descriptive flora since 1963.
Koponen, T. & D. H. Norris 1986. Bryophyte flora of the Huon Peninsula, Papua New Guinea. XVII. Grimmiaceae, Racopilaceae and Hedwigiaceae. Acta Bot. Fenn. 133: 81–106.
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Name Code: 201019
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