Kingdom Animalia  
 Phylum Arthropoda  
 Class Insecta  
 Order Hymenoptera  
 Family Trigonalidae  
 Genus Taeniogonalos  
  Taeniogonalos formosana  (Bischoff, 1913) 
Provider: Liang-Yi Chiu & Shu-Pei Chen 
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Synonyms:Poecilogonalos formosana  details
Tan J-L, van Achterberg C, Tan Q-Q, Zhao L-P (2017) New species of Trigonalyidae (Hymenoptera) from NW China. ZooKeys 698: 17-58.
Chen H-Y, van Achterberg C, He J-H, Xu Z-F (2014) A revision of the Chinese Trigonalyidae (Hymenoptera, Trigonalyoidea). ZooKeys 385: 1–207.
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Weinstein P, Austin AD (1991) The host relationships of trigonalyid wasps (Hymenoptera: Trigonalyidae), with a review of their biology and catalogue to world species. Journal of Natural History 25(2): 399–433.
Name Code: 343589
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