Kingdom Animalia  
 Phylum Chordata  
 Class Actinopterygii  
 Order Lophiiformes  
 Family Ogcocephalidae  
 Genus Halieutaea  
  Halieutaea fumosa  Alcock, 1894 
Provider: Hsuan-Ching Ho 
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Synonyms:Haliutea fumosa  details
Character: Dorsal fin rays 5; pectoral fin rays 12-13; anal fin rays 4; pelvic fin rays 5; caudal fin rays 9. Body depressed with a broad circular disk and a tail short than disk; head relatively compressed; mouth large, anteriorly to head; rostrum not project over front of disk, esca visible from above; esca with two not well-separated ventral lobes and a dorsal flap, thin fringe present on entire ventral margin of esca; gill 2 1/2; dorsal surface covered with relative short spines, most have more four roots; disk edge including tail spines divided into 3-5 sharp point; skin transparent without any dermal spinules between tubercles; ventral surface smooth, sometimes small glandular present; body pale to pink in color; fins usually translucent, without black edge; dorsal surface without any deep color mark. It appears small size in the genus no larger than 10 cm in SL. 
Habitat: Habits in the marine bathydemersal. They are awkward, walking on the bottom on their large armlike pectoral fins and smaller pelvic fins. 
Distribution: Widely distributed in the Indo-West Pacific oceans. It is a common species in Taiwan occurring in northeast off Yilan and Suao. 
Utility: No commercial value. 
Name Code: 381166
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