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Ceropria laticollis 更新為 Ceropria schenklingi Gebien, 1913

Ceropia laticollis Fairmaire, 1903與Ceropria schenklingi Gebien, 1913
非常相似, 有些人認為牠們是同一種

Masumoto (1995) 在做修訂時認為臺灣的族群為獨立種,
即Ceropria schenklingi Gebien, 1913


Masumoto, K. 1995. A study of the Asian species of the genus Ceropria
(Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae) (Part 3). Jpn. J. Ent. 63(4): 723-734.

新增 Sospita quadrivittata Miyatake, 1965  四條褐瓢蟲

Miyatake, M. 1965. Some Coccinellidae (excluding Scymnini) of Formosa  (Coleoptera). Special Bulletin of the Lepidopterological Society of Japan 1: 50-74.

新增 Onthophagus (Onthophagus) yangi Masumoto, Tsai, and Ochi, 2006

Masumoto, K., J.-F. Tsai, T. Ochi. 2006. A revisoinal study of the Taiwanese Scarabaeinae (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae). Part 3. Descriptions of a new species and a male of known species, dectotype designation, and downgrading of an Onthophagus species. Elytra 34: 139-144.

Onthophagus (Strandius) potanini hiurai 取代 Onthophagus (Strandius) hiurai Ochi