Kingdom Fungi  真菌界
 Phylum Basidiomycota  擔子菌門
 Class Agaricomycetes  傘菌綱
 Order Russulales  紅菇目
 Family Peniophoraceae  隔孢伏革菌科
 Genus Peniophora  隔孢伏革菌屬
  Peniophora spathulata Lin et Chen, 1990 匙狀筍殼菌
名錄提供: 林善雄   You-Hua Cheng 2010-08-04修訂 修訂紀錄
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Lin et Chen, 1990. The Corticiaceae and the resupinate Hydnaceae of Taiwan. Taiwania 35: 96.
Wu, S. H. 2002. A study of Peniophora species in Taiwan with clamped hyphae. Bot. Bull. Acad. Sin. 43: 241-250.
Tzean, S. S., W. H. Hsieh, T. T. Chang and S. H. Wu. 2009. Fungal flora of Taiwan(II). National Science Council, Taiwan(R.O.C).
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