Kingdom Plantae  植物界
 Phylum Bryophyta  苔類植物門
 Class Bryopsida  苔綱
 Order Hypnales  灰苔目
 Family Brachytheciaceae  青苔科
 Genus Brachythecium  青苔屬
  Brachythecium pinnatum Dixon, 1920 燕葉青苔
名錄提供: 蔣鎮宇 , 姚奎宇2018-04-09增中文名 修訂紀錄
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Crosby, M. R. & others - INSUFFICIENT 1999. INSUFFICIENTLY known because not REVISED since its pre-1963 publication
that is to say we have no more information about the species than Index Muscorum
merely relisted without additional specimens in a checklist since 1963
may have been treated in a checklist, flora, or revision with specimens before 1963.
物種編號: 200050
推薦連結:    Discover Life  國立臺灣大學台灣植物誌電子書 
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