Kingdom Plantae  植物界
 Phylum Bryophyta  苔類植物門
 Class Bryopsida  苔綱
 Order Dicranales  曲尾苔目
 Family Dicranaceae  曲尾苔科
 Genus Campylopus  曲柄苔屬
  Campylopus schmidii (Müll. Hal.) A. Jaeger; 1872 
名錄提供: 蔣鎮宇  修訂紀錄
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同種異名:Campylopus calvusCampylopus chryseolusCampylopus deciduusCampylopus herzogiiCampylopus merapicolaCampylopus nodiflorusCampylopus ripicolaCampylopus subtricolorDicranum nodiflorumDicranum schmidii  異名明細
Crosby, M. R. & others - REVISED 1999. REVISED: accepted in a monograph, revision, or descriptive flora since 1963.
Flora of North America Editorial Committee, 2007. Bryophytes: Mosses. Fl. N. Amer. 27(1): i–xxi, 1-711.
Frahm, J.-P. 1994. The affinities between the Campylopus floras of Sri Lanka and Madagascar – or: which species survived on Noah's Arc ?. Hikobia 11: 371–376.
Frahm, J.-P. 1987. A revised list of the Campylopus species of the world. Bryol. Beitr. 7. 117 pages.
物種編號: 200182
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