Kingdom Plantae  植物界
 Phylum Bryophyta  苔類植物門
 Class Bryopsida  苔綱
 Order Grimmiales  紫萼苔目
 Family Grimmiaceae  紫萼苔科
 Genus Grimmia  紫萼苔屬
  Grimmia elongata G. Kaulf., 1816 長枝紫萼苔
名錄提供: 蔣鎮宇   Ling-Ya Hung 2009-09-16修訂, 姚奎宇2018-04-09增中文名 修訂紀錄
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同種異名:Dryptodon elongatusGrimmia andreaeaceaGrimmia decalvataGrimmia fuliginosaGrimmia laxaGrimmia montana epilosaGrimmia reduncaGrimmia tolucensis  異名明細
Cao Tong & D. H. Vitt 1986. A taxonomic revision and phylogenetic analysis of Grimmia and Schistidium(Bryopsida: Grimmiaceae) in China. J. Hattori Bot. Lab. 61: 123–247.
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物種編號: 200323
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