Kingdom Animalia  動物界
 Phylum Arthropoda  節肢動物門
 Class Malacostraca  軟甲綱
 Order Decapoda  十足目
 Family Galatheidae  鎧甲蝦科
 Genus Munidopsis  仿刺鎧蝦屬
  Munidopsis pallida Alcock, 1894 
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Alcock, A. 1901. A descriptive catalogue of the Indian deep-sea Crustacea Decapoda Macrura and Anomala, in the Indian Museum. Being a revised account of the deep-sea species collected by the Royal Indian Marine Survey Ship Investigator. Trustees of the Indian Museum, Calcutta, 286 pp., 3 pls.
Alcock, A. & Anderson, A.R.S. 1895. Crustacea, Part III. Illustrations of the Zoology of the Royal Indian Marine Surveying Steamer Investigator, under the Command of Commander A. Carpenter, R.N., D.S.O., of the Late Commander R.F. Hoskyn, R.N., and of Commander C.F. Oldham. Trustees of the Indian Museum, Calcutta, pls 9–15.
Baba, K. 2005. Deep-sea chirostylid and galatheid crustaceans(Decapoda: Anomura) from the Indo-West Pacific, with a list of species. Galathea Report, 20: 1–317.
Gore, R.H. 1983. Notes on rare species of Munidopsis(Anomura: Galatheidae) and Ethusina(Brachyura: Dorippidae) collected by the USNS Barlett in the Venezuela Basin, Caribbean Sea. Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, 135: 200–217.
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