Kingdom Animalia  動物界
 Phylum Arthropoda  節肢動物門
 Class Insecta  昆蟲綱
 Order Diptera  雙翅目
 Family Cecidomyiidae  癭蚋科
 Genus Procontarinia  
  Procontarinia mangicola (Shi, 1980) 檬果癭蚋
名錄提供: TaiCOL   Hsu, Cheng-Hsin 2013-07-22更新, 許正欣2013-07-22增中文名 修訂紀錄
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Chen WS, Chang HY. 2004. The ecology and management of mango leaf gall midge. Special Communication of Tainan District Agricultural Research and Extension Station 50: 17-19.
物種編號: 427825
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