Kingdom Plantae  植物界
 Phylum Rhodophyta  紅藻植物門
 Class Florideophyceae  真紅藻綱
 Order Ceramiales  仙菜目
 Family Ceramiaceae  仙菜科
 Genus Grateloupia  蜈蚣藻屬
  Grateloupia huangiae S.-M. Lin & H.-Y. Liang, 2011 黃氏蜈蚣藻
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Lin, S.-M. and H.-Y. Liang, 2011. Grateloupia huangiae (Halymeniaceae, Rhodophyta), a new species from Taiwan previously confused with Polyopes lancifolius, with emphasis on the development of the auxiliary-cell ampullae. Phycologia 50: 232–240.
物種編號: 429462
   海洋物種      原生種     
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