Kingdom Chromista  
 Phylum Haptophyta  
 Class Haptophyta classis incertae sedis  
 Order Haptophyta ordo incertae sedis  
 Family Alisphaeraceae  
 Genus Alisphaera  
  Alisphaera gaudii  Kleijne et al., 2002 
Provider: Tien-Nan Yang 
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A. Kleijne, R.W. Jordan, B.R. Heimdal, C. Samtleben, C.H.L. Chamberlain, and L. Cros(2001) Five new species of the coccolithophorid genus Alisphaera(Haptophyta), with notes on their distribution, coccolith structure and taxonomy. Phycologia, 40: 583-601.
Name Code: 122612
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