Kingdom Plantae  
 Phylum Rhodophyta  
 Class Florideophyceae  
 Order Sebdeniales  
 Family Sebdeniaceae  
 Genus Sebdenia  
  Sebdenia flabellata  (J.Agardh) P.G.Parkinson 1980 ( 👉 redirect to new TaiCOL )
Provider: Lin, Showe-Mei 
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Synonyms:Halymenia agardhiiHalymenia polydactylaIsymenia flabellataSebdenia agardhiiSebdenia polydactyla  details
Parkinson, P.G.(1980). Halymenia, being a critical account of the confused nomenclature of Halymenia C.A. Agardh 1817(Halymeniaceae, Cryptonemiales, Rhodophyta) with reflections on the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature and corrections to certain recent work in which it has been disregarded. pp. 1-20. Auckland: Pettifogging Press.
Huang, S.-F.(2000). Seaweeds of Northeastern Taiwan. pp. xii, 1-233. Taipei: National Taiwan Museum.
Name Code: 123773
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