Kingdom Plantae  
 Phylum Tracheophyta  
 Class Polypodiopsida  
 Order Polypodiales  
 Family Pteridaceae  
 Genus Anogramma  
  Anogramma leptophylla  (L.) Link, 1841 ( 👉 redirect to new TaiCOL )
Provider: Ching-I Peng 
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Synonyms:Acrostichum leptophyllaAcrostichum leptophyllumAnogramma guatemalensisDidymochlaena lunulata microphyllaGrammitis leptophyllaGymnogramma chaerophylla cryptogrammoidesGymnogramma leptophyllaGymnogramma leptophylla mexicanaGymnogramme leptophyllaHemionitis leptophyllaPityrogramma guatemalensis details
Flora of China Editorial Committee, Addendum, 200?. Fl. China ,Checklist Addendum.
Sp. Pl. 1092. 1753.
Name Code: 205037
  Wang,2012:NT Wang,2012:NT   
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