Kingdom Animalia  
 Phylum Cnidaria  
 Class Hexacorallia  
 Order Scleractinia  
 Family Pocilloporidae  
 Genus Stylophora  
  Stylophora pistillata  Esper, 1797 
Provider: Chang-Feng Dai 
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Synonyms:Madrepora pistillarisPorites pistillataPorites subdigitataSideropora pistillataSideropora subdigitataStylophora cellulosaStylophora dendriticaStylophora digitataStylophora expandaStylophora mordaxStylophora nana details
Dai CF(1989) Acta Oceanogr Taiwanica 22: 83-101
Dai, C. F and S. Horng, 2009. Scleractinia Fauna of Taiwan II. The Robust Group. Published by National Taiwan University. 162pp.
戴昌鳳、秦啟翔、鄭安怡 (2013) 東沙珊瑚生態圖鑑。海洋國家公園管理處。344頁。
Name Code: 313092
      IUCN Red List:NT      Marine     
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