Kingdom Animalia  
 Phylum Chordata  
 Class Actinopterygii  
 Order Beloniformes  
 Family Belonidae  
 Genus Tylosurus  
  Tylosurus acus  melanotus (Bleeker, 1850) 
Provider: Kwang-Tsao Shao 
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Synonyms:Belone appendiculatusBelone melanotusStrongylura appendiculataStrongylura aulocepsStrongylura melanotaStrongylura melanotusThalassosteus appendiculatusThallasosteus appendiculatusTylosurus acusTylosurus melanotaTylosurus melanotus  details
Citation: 臺灣魚類誌(沈等, 1993);The Live Marine Resources of the Western Central Pacific, Vol.4(FAO,1999);Fish of Japan(Nakabo, 2002)
Character: Body elongate, rounded in cross-section. Upper and lower jaws greatly elongate and studded with sharp teeth; a conspicuous appendage sometimes present at tip of lower jaw; gill rakers absent. Anterior part of dorsal fin with a low lobe; dorsal-fin rays numerous, 24 to 27; anal-fin lobe low; anal-fin rays numerous, 22 to 24; pectoral and pelvic fins relatively short; pectoral-fin rays 13 or 14; a distinct black lateral keel on caudal peduncle; caudal fin deeply forked, lower lobe much longer than upper. Predorsal scales very numerous and tiny, 280 to 340. Body dark bluish above, silvery white below; juveniles with elevated black lobe in posterior part of dorsal fin which is lost with growth. 
Habitat: Found in offshore and coastal waters. Feeds mainly on small fishes. 
Distribution: Indo-Pacific: East Africa to the central and south Pacific. Eastern Central Pacific: oceanic islands such as the Revillagigedo, Clipperton and Cocos. It is common in waters around Taiwan. 
Utility: Marketed mostly fresh. The flesh is of good quality. 
Name Code: 380864
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