Kingdom Animalia  
 Phylum Chordata  
 Class Actinopterygii  
 Order Cypriniformes  
 Family Cyprinidae  
 Genus Megalobrama  
  Megalobrama amblycephala  Yih, 1955 
Provider: Tseng, Chin-Tsian 
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Synonyms:Megalobrama amblvcephala  details
Citation: 臺灣淡水及河口魚類誌(陳&方, 1999)
Character: Head small, laterally compressed, pointed. Snout short. Eye large. Mouth small, protractile, slightly oblique, arched. Body compressed, body depth high; dorsal and ventral profile arched; keel on belly between pelvic fin origin and anal fin origin. Scales moderately large, cycloid; lateral line complete. L.l.:50-58; dorsal fin rays:III, 7; pectoral fin rays:1+14-19; pelvic fin rays:1+8; anal fin rays:3+27-32. Pectoral fin end close to pelvic fin origin; pelvic fin at lower side of body; anal fin base long; caudal fin forked. Dark grayish dorsally, side and belly silvery white. All fins grayish. 
Habitat: Primary freshwater fish, prefers deep pools with slow running or still water, can be found in lakes, impoundments and backwaters of rivers. Herbivorous, feeds on water vegetation. 
Distribution: Distributed to lakes of Yangtze River. Had been introduced to Taiwan and can be found in lakes and ponds of southern Taiwan. 
Utility: Used to be aquacultured in early years. 
Name Code: 381015
  IUCN Red List:LC      Invasive     
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