Kingdom Animalia  
 Phylum Chordata  
 Class Actinopterygii  
 Order Lophiiformes  
 Family Oneirodidae  
 Genus Lophodolos  
  Lophodolos indicus  Lloyd, 1909 
Provider: Hsuan-Ching Ho 
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Synonyms:Lophodolus dinema  details
Citation: 何宣慶(2002)碩士論文;Fishbase(2003)
Character: Dorsal fin rays 7; ana fin rays 6; pectoral fin rays 20, caudal fin rays 8. Illicium length 81 in %SL; head length 34.9; head depth 39.6; premaxilla 33.2; lower jaw length 45.5. Body relatively long, slender, not globular; jaws equal anteriorly; lower jaw with well-develop symphysial spine; snout short; mouth large, cleft extending past eye; vomerine teeth absent; anterior end of pterygiophpre of illicium exposed and emerged from between sphenotic spine or further posterior; illicium relative long; esal bulb relative small; escal appendages relative short; sphenotic spine short; quadrate spine short.articular spine present; quardrate spine larger than mandibular spine; angler spine present; operculum bifurcate; suboperculum slender throughout length, upper end tapering to a point, lower rounded; skin naked, covering caudal fin to some distance from fin base.  
Habitat: Marine. First dorsal spine of female highly modified into a long rod with a light organ in the tip call illicium and esca, the esca containing bacteria as luminous symbiont, its function in attracting prey. Oviparous. Adults are meso- and bathypelagic in  
Distribution: Widely distributed in the tropical parts of all oceans. It is rare in Taiwan, only recorded from the Northeastern off Yilan. 
Utility: No commercial value. 
Name Code: 381173
  IUCN Red List:LC      Marine     
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