Kingdom Animalia  
 Phylum Chordata  
 Class Actinopterygii  
 Order Perciformes  
 Family Lethrinidae  
 Genus Lethrinus  
  Lethrinus reticulatus  Valenciennes, 1830 
Provider: Kwang-Tsao Shao 
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Synonyms:Lethrinus moensiiLethrinus reticularisLethrinus sordidus  details
Citation: 臺灣魚類誌(沈等, 1993);The Live Marine Resources of the Western Central Pacific, Vol.5(FAO, 2001)
Character: Dorsal-fin rays X, 9; anal-fin rays III, 8; pectoral-fin rays 13. Body depth 2.99 times in standard length. Body color is olive gray or tan, often with scattered irregular black blotches. The head is brown or olive with an indistinct reddish band on the snout. The base of the pectoral fin, the upper edge of the operculum and sometimes the posterior edge of the preoperculum are red. 
Habitat: Thought to occur on soft bottoms near reefs and presumed to feed on benthic invertebrates and fish. Marketed fresh. 
Distribution: Indo-West Pacific: Chagos, West Thailand, Ryukyu Islands, the Philippines to Irian Jaya, Indonesia. Taiwan: East.  
Utility: Commercial fishery species. 
Name Code: 382077
  IUCN Red List:LC      Marine     
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