Kingdom Animalia  
 Phylum Chordata  
 Class Actinopterygii  
 Order Pleuronectiformes  
 Family Bothidae  
 Genus Asterorhombus  
  Asterorhombus cocosensis  (Bleeker, 1855) 
Provider: Chen, Jeng-Ping 
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Synonyms:Engyprosopon fijiensis  details
Records of the genus Asterorhombus (Family: Bothidae) and its two species from northern Taiwan and Taiping Island(Lin, Shao & Shen ,1995)
Amaoka, K & H.-C. Ho. 2019. The lefteye flounder family Bothidae (Order Pleuronectiformes) of Taiwan. Zootaxa, 4702(1):155-215.
Character: Dorsal-fin rays 80-83; anal-fin rays 59-64; pectoral-fin rays 12. First dorsal spine modified into a "fishing rod and lure" similar to structure found in frogfishes. Body depth 1.7 to 1.9 times in standard length. Shows sexual dimorphism in width of the interorbital origin, wider in males than females. Interorbital width in head length 3.7 to 5.8 in males, 5.8 to 9 times in females in standard length. First dorsal-fin ray with distinct membranous structure at tip. 
Habitat: Lives on coral-sand bottoms around and within coral reefs. Waves illicium and esca back and forth near mouth to attract prey. Feeds on small crustacean, possibly a small hippolytid shrimp. 
Distribution: Indo-Pacific: western Indian Ocean, Ryukyu Islands, the Philippines, Flores Sea, Banda Sea, Palau, western Australia, northern Great Barrier Reef, and the Fiji Islands. Taiwan: Nan-Sa. 
Utility: Rare species. Most frequently collected by divers.  
Name Code: 382698
  IUCN Red List:LC      Marine     
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