Kingdom Animalia  
 Phylum Chordata  
 Class Chondrichthyes  
 Order Rajiformes  
 Family Rhynchobatidae  
 Genus Rhynchobatus  
  Rhynchobatus australiae  Whitley, 1939 
Provider: TaiCOL 
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Synonyms:Raja djiddensisRhinchobatus djiddensisRhinobatus djiddensisRhinobatus maculataRhynchobatus atlanticusRhynchobatus djeddensisRhynchobatus djiddenisRhynchobatus djidensisRhynchobatus lubbertiRhynchobatus lubertiiRhynchobatus luebberti details
Citation: 臺灣魚類誌(沈等, 1993);福建魚類誌(朱等, 1985);楊鴻嘉圖鑑 (金)
Character: Disc subtriangular, larger than wide. Snout elongated, narrow, pointed, half the length of disc. Rostral cartilages long, trough-like. Nostrils wide, oblique, narrower and curved back toward the mouth on inner ends; valves feebly developed, anterior with a short rounded lobe, posterior with the outer section and the elongate lobe continuous and the inner section narrow and short. Mouth with moderately developed labial folds and labial cartilages, arched in the middle, with large teeth on the arches. Teeth smooth, rhomboid. Spiracles close behind eyes with two folds. Gill openings nearly equidistant, short. Row of small tubercles along each supraorbital edge, interrupted by division of spiracle. Two dorsals, moderate, angles produced, hind margins deeply concave. First dorsal origin over ventral origin. Interspace between dorsals nearly 3 length of second dorsal base. Pectorals small, not extended opposite nostrils. Ventrals small, narrow, hind angle produced. Tail depressed, with lateral fold. Caudal axis slightly raised, subcaudal lobe prominent. Median row of small vertebral tubercles down back, two short series on each shoulder. Specimen in formalin gray above, with white spots, surrounded by blackish ring. One black spot, as large as spiracle, above each end of shoulder girdle. Under surface grayish brown, anterior part of snout dark brown. 
Distribution: Red Sea, Arabia, Zanjibar, Madagascar, Natal, Seychelles, India, Ceylon, Andamans, Pinang, Malary Peninsula, Singapore, East Indies, Philippines, Cochinchina, Japan, Melanesia, Queensland, New South Wales, Taiwan.  
Name Code: 383194
      IUCN Red List:CR A2bd     Marine     
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