Kingdom Animalia  
 Phylum Chordata  
 Class Myxini  
 Order Myxiniformes  
 Family Myxinidae  
 Genus Eptatretus  
  Eptatretus cheni  (Shen & Tao, 1975) 
Provider: Hin-Kiu Mok 
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Synonyms:Paramyxine cheni  details
Citation: Kuo, C.-H., K.-F. Huang and H.-K. Mok. 1994. Hagfishes of Taiwan (I): A taxonomic revision with description of four new Paramyxine species. Zoological Studies, 33(2):126-139.
Character: Diagnostic characters: Five pairs of gill pouches, gill apertures closely spaced in a straight line; branchial slime pores absent; 3/3-cusp multiicusps. Description: dental formula: 10+3/3+10; slime pores: 26+0+(45-47)+(7-8); prebranchial length 35%-36%, branchial length 2.6%-3.3%, trunk 49%-51%, tail length 11%-14%; Body light brown; eye spot absent; tail round, caudal fanfold slightly greater than mid-body depth; maximum body length about 470mm. 
Distribution: Southwestern Taiwan.  
Utility: Food 
Name Code: 383228
   Endemic      Marine     
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