Kingdom Animalia  
 Phylum Mollusca  
 Class Gastropoda  
 Order Neogastropoda  
 Family Muricidae  
 Genus Concholepas  
  Concholepas concholepas  (Bruguière, J.G., 1789) ( 👉 redirect to new TaiCOL )
Provider: Kwang-Tsao Shao 
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Synonyms:Buccinum concholepasConcholepas decipiensConcholepas densestriatusConcholepas granosusConcholepas imbricatusConcholepas laevigatusConcholepas minorConcholepas oblongusConcholepas patagonicusConcholepas peruvianaConcholepas rhombicus details
Citation: Fishery Agency 2007 project final report,Improvement Studies on the Management System of Admitting First Import of Living Aquatic Organisms(Ⅱ)
Name Code: 418367
   Marine      Alien     
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