Kingdom Plantae  
 Phylum Tracheophyta  
 Class Polypodiopsida  
 Order Polypodiales  
 Family Polypodiaceae  
 Genus Selliguea  
  Selliguea falcatopinnata  (Hayata) H. Ohashi & K. Ohashi, 2009 
Provider: Hu Jia-Ying 
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Synonyms:Crypsinus taeniatus palmatusPhymatodes falcatopinnataPhymatopsis falcatopinnataPhymatopsis taeniata palmataPhymatopteris palmataPolypodium falcatopinnatumPolypodium palmatumSelliguea taeniata  details
Knapp, Ralf. 2011. Ferns and fern allies of Taiwan. KBCC Press & Yuan-Liou Pulishing, Taipei,Taiwan.
Taiwan Pteridophyte Group (TPG). 2019. Updating Taiwanese pteridophyte checklist: a new phylogenetic classification. Taiwania 64(4): 367-395
Name Code: 427336
  Wang,2012:VU Wang,2012:VU    Endemic     
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