Kingdom Fungi  
 Phylum Basidiomycota  
 Class Tremellomycetes  
 Order Tremellales  
 Genus Papiliotrema  
  Papiliotrema flavescens  (Saito) X.Z. Liu et al. 
Provider: Chiu-Chung Young 
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Liu, X.-Z, Wang, Q.-M, Göker, M, Groenewald, M, Kachalkin, A.V, Lumbsch, H.T, Millanes, A.M, Wedin, M, Yurkov,A.M, Boekhout,T, Bai, F.-Y. 2015. Towards an integrated phylogenetic classification of the Tremellomycetes. Studies in Mycology. 81:85-147
Name Code: 440181
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