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Kingdom Animalia  
 Phylum Chordata  
 Class Actinopterygii  
 Order Lophiiformes  
 Family Lophiidae  
 Genus Lophiomus  
  Lophiomus setigerus  (Vahl, 1797) 
Provider: Hsuan-Ching Ho 
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Synonyms:Chirolophius laticepsChirolophius malabaricusLaphiomus setigerusLophiomus longicephalusLophius indicusLophius setigerusLophius viviparusdetails
Character: Body disk rounded; head broad and depressed; skin smoothly and scaleless, with numerous tasseled, fleshy appendages; posterior margin of frontal edge with 3-4 large spine in each side; mouth broad and large, premaxilla not extending to below anterior margin of eye, lower jaw well extended beyond the premaxilla; both jaws with more than three rows of well developed, depressible teeth; vomer and patalal with teeth; pseudobranch present; gill opening large, restricted below and behind pectoral fin base; interorbit broad and slightly caved; articular with a single spine anterolateral to jaw joint; quadrate with a single lower spine; humeral spine well developed and complex with 2-7 spines. Illicium long, slender, pale, devoid of tendrils, longer than the second dorsal spine; esca with well-developed pennant-like membrane, long cirri and a pair of dark, eye-like appendages; second dorsal spine short, stout, with numerous dark tendrils. Body uniform light to dusky on dorsal surface and lightly pigmented on ventral surface; peritoneum dusky or light; inside of mouth floor black with white speck. D VI, 8; P 22-24; A 6; V 5; C 9; vertebrae 19. 
Habitat: Marine. Bathydemersal, found in the outer continental shelf and upper slope, usually in depth 50-250 m. First dorsal spine highly modified into a long rod with a lure at the end call illicium and esca, acts as a fishing lure to attract preys. 
Distribution: Throughout Indo-Pacific Ocean. Depth range 30-500 m. 
Utility: Large one as fresh sea food, mostly no commercial value. 
Name Code: 381159
  IUCN Red List:LC      Marine     
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