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Kingdom Animalia  
 Phylum Chordata  
 Class Actinopterygii  
 Order Scorpaeniformes  
 Family Platycephalidae  
 Genus Onigocia  
  Onigocia macrolepis  (Bleeker, 1854) 
Provider: Chen, Jeng-Ping 
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Synonyms:Platycephalus macrolepisThysanophrys macrolepisdetails
1. Myers, R.F., 1991. Micronesian reef fishes.. Second Ed. Coral Graphics, Barrigada, Guam. 298 p.
2. Knapp, L. W. 1999. Family Platycephalidae. In: Carpenter and Niem (ed). Species identification guide for fisheries purposes. The living marine resources of the western central Pacific. Bony fishes part 2 (Mugilidae to Carangidae). FAO, Rome. v. 4: iii-v
3. Shao, K. T. and J. P. Chen, 1987. Fishes of the family Platycephalidae (Teleostei: Platycephaloidei) of Taiwan with descriptions of two new species. Bull. Inst. Zool. Acad. Sin. 26(1):77-94
Character: Dorsal fin with IX spines and 11-12 soft rays; anal fin with 11-13 soft rays; pectoral fin with 20-22; lateral line scales 35-42; gill rakers 1+3-5. Side of head unicarinate. Infraorbital ridge smooth over front half of eye, serrated posteriorly. Suborbital ridge with a distinct smooth notch below middle of eye. Antorbital margin with 2 antrorse spines. Lower side of head unicarinate. Lateral line scales frequently 37 or 38, anterior scales 2-10 (usually 2-5) scales bearing spines. Iris lappet bearing numerous short branches with bifurcate tips. Upper surface of eye with a short, branched cirrus. 
Habitat: Inhabit demersal marine environment, depth range -130m. Taken by trawling over sand and mud bottoms to 130 m. Attains 12 cm SL. 
Distribution: Indo-West Pacific: southern Japan, Taiwan, South China Sea, Philippines, Indonesia, northwest shelf of Australia and Andaman Sea. 
Utility: Not commercial food species. 
Name Code: 382811
  IUCN Red List:LC      Marine     
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