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Kingdom Animalia  
 Phylum Chordata  
 Class Chondrichthyes  
 Order Carcharhiniformes  
 Family Sphyrnidae  
 Genus Sphyrna  
  Sphyrna lewini  (Griffith & Smith, 1834) 
Provider: Pofeng Lee& Shoou-Jeng Joung 
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Synonyms:Cestracion leeuweniiCestracion oceanicaSphyrna diplanaSphyrna leweniZygaena erythraeaZygaena indicaZygaena lewiniZygaena malleusdetails
Citation: 臺灣魚類誌(沈等, 1993);中國動物誌-圓口綱及軟骨魚綱(朱等, 2001);FAO Species Catalogue, Vol.4 Sharks of the world
Character: A large hammerhead with an expanded prebranchial head. Head width 24-30% of total length. Anterior margin of head very broadly arched, with prominent medial and lateral indentations. Preoral snout about 1/5-1/3 of head width. Anterior teeth with moderately long, stout to slender cusps, smooth or weakly serrated. Posterior teeth mostly cuspidates and not keeled and molariform. First dorsal origin above or slightly behind pectoral insertions, its free rear tip well anterior to pelvic origins. Second dorsal height less than anal fin, its inner margin length about twice the fin height. Total vertebrae centra 174-209. Colour grey-brown above, white below, with dusky to black pectoral fin tips. 
Habitat: The most abundant hammerhead, a coastal pelagic, semioceanic warm-temperate and tropical species. This species is apparently highly mobile and in part migratory, and forms huge schools of small migrating individuals that move poleward in the summer in cer 
Distribution: Western Atlantic from New Jersey to Brazil, including Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean. Eastern Atlantic from Senegal to Zaire. Indo-West Pacific from South Africa and Red Sea to Pakistan, India, Burma, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Taiwan, Japan, The Philippin 
Utility: This species is caught with pelagic longlines, fixed bottom longlines, fixed bottom nets, and even bottom and pelagic trawls. The flesh is utilized fresh, fresh-frozen, dried salted and smoked for human consumption. The fins are used to prepare shark-fin  
Name Code: 383088
      IUCN Red List:CR A2bd     Marine     
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