Kingdom Animalia  
 Phylum Chordata  
 Class Actinopterygii  
 Order Salmoniformes  
 Family Salmonidae  
 Genus Oncorhynchus  
  Oncorhynchus masou 
   subsp. formosanus (Jordan & Oshima, 1919) 
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Synonyms:Oncorhynchus formosanusOncorhynchus masouSalmo formosanus  details
Jordan, D. S. etc. 1919
戴永禔 1992台灣櫻花鉤吻鮭之族群生態學研究
沈世傑等編 1993臺灣魚類誌
楊正雄 1997水溫對櫻花鉤吻鮭族群的影響
Character: Head moderately large. Mouth large and protractile, especially in spawning males; posterior end of upper jaw reaches posterior margin of eye. Body elongated, somewhat laterally compressed especially in adults; dorsal and ventral profile slightly arched. Scales small and cycloid; lateral line complete. L.l.:112-140; Dorsal soft fin rays:12-15; pelvic fin rays:9; anal fin rays:11. Dorsal fin base short, considerably equal to anal fin base; dorsal fin origin at middle between tip of snout and end of caudal peduncle; an adipose fin above end of anal fin base; pelvic fin small; caudal fin forked. Dark olive dorsally, light grayish ventrally; 9 cloudy spots along midline of side all life; 11-31 small black spots above lateral line. A subspecies of O. masau, can be distinguished by average numbers of pectoral fin ray, anal fin ray, vertebrae and spots above lateral line. 
Habitat: Landlocked salmon. Inhabit in moderately running flows and well-oxygenated water. Adults maintain territories; spawning males fight for spawners in breeding season, spawner stirs a breeding nest on riverbed by using its tail, and then lays eggs in the nes 
Distribution: Endemic to Tachia River of middle Taiwan, found in elevation higher 1500m and water temperature lower than 15oC. 
Name Code: Fis-50012
    Taiwan Wildlife Conservation Act- Critically Endangered       Chen,2012:CR Chen,2012:CR    Endemic     
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